Free Crochet Hat Patterns with Pom Poms

As the days grow darker and the temperatures drop I find myself reaching for my favorites hats these days to help keep my noggin’ toasty warm.  I grew up in Arizona from junior high through college so even needing something as basic as a coat wasn’t even an issue let alone hats, scarves and/or gloves.  When I moved to Seattle, and then again to Lexington, I really had to change my habits when I left the house or I was quickly sorry.

Hats with pom poms are great for two reasons:

  1. They help weigh down the top of most designs so the shape and fit looks good on your head.
  2. They are adorable

Although I love the texture of the super soft faux fur ones, I love making them out of yarn with my trusty Clover Pom Pom Maker.  To me it was worth the investment to I wasn’t always searching for pieces of cardboard the right length to make it the size I needed.

Since the giving season is around the corner I thought I would compile several cute FREE hat patterns I have been collecting on my Pinterest boards.  Any of these would be quick and easy for you to make for yourself or as gifts for others.  If you are newer to crocheting then you may be concerned about sizing.  Sometimes certain patterns are an issue and others are not.  Most are one size fits most though so unless you have someone on your list with an abnormally large head you should be Ok.

  1. The Puff Stitch Hat

Now despite the fact that the patterns was written in Spanish there is an English translation for this pattern and YouTube video that goes through the entire pattern.  That is a treat when you are new to the craft because many videos only show you bits and pieces and often times full length can be really helpful.

2. The Champagne Cables Hat

This lovely hat was designed by Tamara Kelly of the Moogly blog and has two corresponding pieces you could also make for someone, but we are going to focus today on the hat today.  This has beautiful cables within the design and personally I think I would add a faux fur pom pom in a brown or grey tone if I were making it for myself.

the champagne cables hat

3. The Bead Stitch Hat

This hat also has a corresponding piece on the designer site if you are looking to make a set for that special someone.  The pattern for the matching cowl is right within the page for the hat so it is easy to find.  The hat comes in adult sizing only.  The designer is Erica of blog 5 Little Monsters.

the bead stitch hat

4. Snowy Day Slouch Hat

What I love about this hat is that you can finish it off in two different ways.  Yes, you can add the fab pom pom, or you can leave an opening at the top to pull your hair through and make a messy bun.  I LOVE messy bun hats!  If you have thick hair and want to keep your head warm, and your hair up they are perfect.  This hat was designed by RichTexturesCrochet blog.

snowy day slouch hat

5. Up Early Up North Hat

I just recently found Martin through social media.  He writes a blog that is if you want to take a look.  He has many beautiful designs and this Up Early Up North Hat is no exception.  It has some great character to it and could be done in SO many different color combinations.  I also feel it could be a gift for a man or a woman and not every pattern couls be used for either so that is an additional plus.

I hope you enjoyed the selection today.  There are many hat patterns out there – some free and others have a small cost associated with them.  Please remember how much work and effort goes into designing, writing, testing and operating a blog so although there are many free options, the fees people are charging for their patterns is appropriate.  I can say from experience that I have learned so much from making items from a variety of designers and have never regretted the money I spend on patterns.  I already learn something new and if you are trying to grow in your craft then make the investment when you need too.

Hope these keep you noggin’s warm for the season ahead.

Warmest Regards,



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