My Collection of Crocheting Quotes

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

Since I passed the fist Successories store in the mall growing up I have been obsessed with quotes. And they don’t even have to be quotes about success. When a single sentence (or two) stops you in your tracks and makes you think – I love that!

So when I started creating content for all the different platforms for this business I decided to start making graphics of quotes. Sayings I found or things I created on my own to share on Pinterest and Instagram. They have received a fair amount of attention on Pinterest, so I wanted to create a collection of all of them in one post.

The most popular quote to date…

The Pinterest version of this photo has by far been the biggest hit. One day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw someone had it up as part of their post. It was pretty exciting to see it being circulated. I certainly wish this hobby did burn more calories. I would be the weight on my driver’s license or LESS!

Other favorites…

This quote was like an A-HA moment for me and applies to every passion
I wrote this because it is the essence of every project
It does – it’s called Michaels!
When you are sitting with over 3,000 yards of yarn – it all begins with one stitch
I wrote this to be my tagline when I started A&E
I did finish this piece, however I have a number of UFOs around the house
This is my personal definition
How every weekend begins
The look on this llamas face is disturbing

Sometimes the end of the skein, like the end of a good book, is bittersweet. But it also means you are freed up to start another new project. And every maker understands the value of that.

Please remember these images are my personal property and use of them is only acceptable if proper citation is noted. Thank you!

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