be·gin·ner fi·ber ar·tist  – /bəˈɡinər/-bər/ /är-tist/ –  a craft pursued by creative individuals wanting to express themselves using fiber related materials (aka yarn) in conjunction with hooks, needles and looms (of various sizes).  Said creative individual is destined to become obsessed and soon to take up secondary hobby of hoarding yarn for their next project.  All friends and family members of said creative individual should be prepared to receive yarn related gifts. 
My Collection of Crochet Quotes

My Collection of Crocheting Quotes

Who doesn’t love a good quote? Since I passed the fist Successories store in the mall growing up I have been obsessed with quotes. And they don’t even have to be quotes about success. When a single sentence (or two) stops you in your tracks and makes you think – I love that! So when I started creating content for all the different platforms for this business I decided to start making graphics of quotes. Sayings I found or things I created on my own to share on Pinterest and Instagram. They have received a fair amount of attention on

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