About Yarn Addicted & Co.

I believe…

Fall is the greatest season;

the smell of puppy breath should be a cologne;

if you don’t have an immense amount of gratitude in your life you are missing out on something profoundly wonderful;

it takes a village to raise a child therefore we need to be thoughtful in how we communicate with them, even the ones we only have brief contact with, because every experience a child has can be impactful.  We all can make a difference;

in ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream;

animals cannot speak for themselves therefore we need to be their voice in any situation where their well-being is compromised;

my nephews are the smartest and most handsome young men on this planet;

in coffee, even more than I believe in ice cream;

if you don’t like where you are - move - you’re not a tree;

never to lose the will or courage to embrace change - it is the foundation of what is yet to come in everyone’s life;

makers are gonna make - it's not just a hashtag for Instagram;

creativity is a part of your soul and expressing it is a necessity; and 

Most importantly…yarn can not only create beautiful things, it can create your life one stitch at a time.
Love, Taylor

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