Lexington Bluegrass Scarf

For those of you that do not know me well, I recently relocated back to Kentucky.  My family lived here when I was in grade school.  We all had such fond memories of living here – the horses, the never ending rolling green hills, the thunder storms, the fireflies, the friendly people, did I mention the horses?  It was a magical place to spend childhood and it has been a great place to build a life as an adult.

I found the stitch for this pattern in a Pinterest photo – it is called griddle stitch.  It is basic and gives so much texture without taking away from the beauty of the yarn you are using.  The pompoms I chose for this project I had purchased a while back at a discount fabric store in Seattle before I moved away (luckily they still make them so no worries, you can still find them for your scarf).

In honor of the this lovely place I was inspired to create The Lexington Bluegrass Scarf.  It has warm autumn colors, phenomenal texture and big fluffy pompoms to cinch up the ends. If you want to make one for yourself or a loved one here is everything you need to know:

Scarf with pom poms on ends

Easy Crochet Skill Level

This crochet pattern is very beginner friendly as the stitches are basic and repetitive.  Assembly to add the pompoms at the end only require the use of a tapestry needle.


The finished scarf will measure 7.5″ wide and 60″ long (before pompoms are added)

Materials Needed

  • Yarn* –  2 skeins of Scheepjes Wanderlust Yarn or approx. 500 yds of another DK weight, cat. 3 yarn
  • Hook – 5.5 mm/ I9
  • Pom Pom – Bernat Faux Fur Pompom (2)  (color Grey Lynx) or you can make your own

All Autumn & Embers patterns are written in standard US terms


Ch = chainalternate ways to wear the lexington bluegrass scarf

FSC = Foundation Single Crochet

Sc = Single Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

St(s) = Stitch(es)

Rep = Repeat

(Note about the pattern: Starting in row three the Ch one in each turn does NOT count as a stitch throughout the pattern.)

How to start your crochet scarf

FSC 30. (If you want a wider scarf you simply need to add more sts.  Just keep in mind that you may need more yarn to complete the scarf depending on the length you desire.)  If you don’t know how to do a FSC click here to watch a short tutorial.

Optional Start:

If you are not comfortable with the FSC stitch you can also simply Ch 31 sts and then sc starting in the second chain from the hook until you reach the end (30). (If you want the scarf to be wider you can simply add more sts.  If you are using this method to start just make sure you chain an odd number of sts in your starting chain.)

Row 2:

In the second chain from the hook, work a SC (single crochet-US terms). In the next stitch, work a DC. (Double Crochet). Alternate working SC and DC in each stitch across the whole row ending with a DC. (30)

Row 3:

Chain one and turn. SC into the top of the DC you just made in the row below. Then, DC into the next SC. Alternate the DC and SC across the whole row. Always work a DC into the top of a SC, and work a SC into the top of the DC. Always CH one and turn. (30)

Remaining Rows:

Rep Row 3 until you reach the desired length of the scarf.  When I went the full 60″ I had some yarn left over but not much.

Adding the Pompoms: 

Thread tapestry needle weave a running stitch in and out along last row, then pull like a drawstring to gather as tightly as possible. Knot to secure and weave in tail. Rep on the other end as well.

Now if you are using the Bernat Pompoms all you need to do is thread the long strings it has and tie them until you feel they are secure.

If you opt to make your own pompoms that is a great alternative too.  You will need another skein of yarn as I did not factor pompoms into the yardage I noted in the beginning.  If you have never made pompoms before go here and you can watch video on making them using cardboard.  You will affix your homemade pompom using the same method the Bernat pompom.

Please don’t forget to share your lovely finished piece!  I want to see what this beautiful scarf looks like in  other colors.  Please use the hashtag #autumnandembers so I can find your finished work.  And please feel free to reach out to me at autumnandembers@gmail.com if you have any questions.

This patterns and the photos of the garment are property of Autumn & Embers.  This pattern and design are subject to copyright, and are for personal, non-commercial use only.  You may not distribute or sell this pattern or any items created using the directions in this pattern without consent.

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    • Thank you – I truly appreciate that. I hope as I put things out here into the crochet universe that it will be helpful to you and others. If you ever have questions please feel free to reach out.

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