Honoring our Veterans with your Talents

Veterans Day

This is actually one of my favorite holidays.  Not because I am a veteran but because I am an American and value the blanket of freedom under which I sleep each night.  I understand where it comes from and have worked with veterans who have sacrificed more than I could imagine to provide it to me. 

Because I am committed to bringing value to each person who chooses to receive my emails I wanted to provide you with ways you could honor a veteran by using your crocheting or knitting skills.  Check out the links below for different causes that are seeking handmade items for veterans or active military:

Knots of Love collects handmade hats for veterans who are undergoing chemotherapy.  If you don’t have a patterns in mind they have suggestions on their site.

Warmth for Warriors collects handmade items to send to active military to not only keep them warm, but to express your gratitude for their service.

Operation Gratitude is not just limited to knit and crochet items.  Every cool thing you know how to make that would be useful or lift the spirits is being accepted as donations to share with our active military.  They create care packages and send them overseas.

Soliders’ Angels provides a variety of services to our veterans.  Among them is a blanket drive.  If you want to put your hooks and needles to work you you could create warmth for a veteran in need.

Operation We Are Here assists wounded warriors as they recover from injuries.  Within their blog post discussing items we could provide they called out Operation First Response who provides backpacks to combat support hospitals in theatre. The backpacks are given to our wounded when they arrive at the hospitals with no personal belongings. These backpacks ensure that our wounded have a little love from home to comfort them until they return to the states.  Wouldn’t one of your awesome handmade blankets fill that backpack with a lot of love?

This is just to name a few that I found who are doing great things for great men and women who protect our country.  If you find an organization or are doing something yourself that would benefit a veteran please feel free to list it in a comment below. 

God bless our Veterans.  Keep them safe and return them to their families as soon as possible. 

Love –



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