The Neapolitan Infinity Scarf

A season to help others

This season has been particularly tough for a number of people I know.  When you care about someone their concerns and life challenges easily become your own.  We have all been there.  Most of the challenges I have heard about this season have been health related, which have a certain level of stress and heartbreak all their own. 

One in particular is a childhood friend.  Her son is in need of a kidney transplant so he recently started dialysis, he is only 16 years old.  To add to this challenge – his father, her ex-husband, is in hospice dying of cancer and they are hoping he will make it through Christmas.  I have thought of her and the family so often throughout this season and wanted to help in those little ways that often mean more than most people realize.  Food is always a go-to for me as a way to help because when your “plate” is overflowing it is something you don’t have time for.  Her son is on a special diet so I have made a few meals, which has relieved her stress of meal prepping at least a few nights.  My other go-to offer was making Christmas presents for friends or family so she didn’t have to worry about shopping.  As luck would have it her mother – a dear woman who has been her ROCK – was in need of a scarf and frequently complaining that she looked too blah and needed a little pop and sizzle.  With that I stepped out of the kitchen and parked it on the couch to come up with something she would enjoy.

As I have mentioned on my Instagram account before, I am NOT a pink girl!  Feminine yes, but pink just isn’t my color.  It is really hard to work with colors that you don’t like.  The piece you are creating never looks right to you, but these are colors she knew her mother would love so I was coming up with something he!! or high water.  I knew I wanted the pink on the outside so the “pop and sizzle” would brighten her face and I wanted to use the Spider Stitch.  I saw it on a blog and really loved it.  It was so simple yet it was rich in texture without over powering the design.  Since I was using three different colors that was really important.  

So let’s get started on making one of these scarves for yourself, or if you want to give it as a gift.  You could easily get this done in one to two nights.  I realize Christmas is less than 48 hours away but we all know there will be that person who surprised you with a gift and you want to reciprocate, “Even though it isn’t necessary.”  Or you know of a winter birthday for someone special that is around the corner


I used a 7.0 mm hook (you could size up or down, but this is what I found worked for me with the yarn I was using and the look I wanted it to have).

3 skeins of Scheepjes Namaste yarn (You could use any Chunky weight yarn.  I would equate it to a category 5 yarn.  Also, you could use only one color and make this a solid scarf which in that case you would only need 2 skeins of Namaste yarn or approximately 200 yards)

     1 skein – Color #1 Garland (pink)

     1 skein – Color #2 Eagle (black)

     1 skein – Color #3 Half Moon (cream)


This is another one of those projects where gauge is not important.  Another reason this is a great beginner scarf.  If you want it bulkier, longer, one, two or three colors….the choice is yours.

All Autumn & Embers patterns are written using standard US crochet terms.

+ Abbreviations 

FSC = foundation single crochet

SC = single crochet

STS = stitches

SL ST = slip stitch

SP = space

Ch = chain

SK = skip

To Begin:

Color #1 (in my case the color Garland (pink)) 

FSC 135.  Carefully connect your infinity loop without twisting the chain with a SL ST into the top of the first FSC. (If you want a longer scarf you simply need to add more sts.  Just keep in mind that you need an odd number of stitches and increasing the length will result in needing more yarn to complete.)  If you don’t know how to do a FSC click here to watch a short tutorial.

Optional Start:

If you are not comfortable with the FSC stitch you can also simply CH 136 sts. Carefully connect your infinity loop without twisting the chain with a SL ST into the top of the first CH.  CH 1 (does not count as a stitch) and SC starting in the next chain from the hook until you reach the end (135). SL ST into the CH 1 from the previous row.

ROW 1:  CH 2, SK 1 ST work one SC, one CH, one SC, (this is the spider) then skip one CH. and work the spider again (SC-CH-SC). Continue around the whole row. You should have one extra chain at the end. Work a SC into that stitch. SL ST into the CH 1 from the previous row.  

ROW 2: CH 2.  Work the spider stitch into that Ch 1 space in the Spider Stitch from the row below (SC-CH-SC = Spider). Continue around the whole row. You should have one extra chain at the end. Work a SC into that stitch. SL ST into the CH 1 from the previous row.  

Rows 3 and 4: Change to Color #2 (in my case the color Eagle (black)). Now repeat row 2 two times. 

Rows 5-8: Change to Color #3 (in my case color Half Moon (cream)). Now repeat row 2 four times. 

Rows 9 and 10: Change to Color #2 (in my case the color Eagle (black)). Now repeat row 2 two times. 

Rows 11 and 12: Change to Color #1 (in my case the color Garland (pink)). Now repeat row 2 two times. 

Then you will tie off and weave in ends.

Please don’t forget to share your lovely finished piece!  I want to see what this beautiful scarf looks like in  other colors.  Please use the hashtag #autumnandembers so I can find your finished work.  And please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions.

This patterns and the photos of the garment are property of Autumn & Embers.  This pattern and design are subject to copyright, and are for personal, non-commercial use only.  You may not distribute or sell this pattern or any items created using the directions in this pattern without consent.

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