Linda’s Lap Blanket

simple moss stitch lap blanket
Linda’s Lap Blanket – Simple Moss Stitch Blanket for Beginner’s

Nothing says winter like a cozy fire, lap blanket and something warm to drink – am I right?  In fact as I sit here typing this up I am snuggled into the nook of my couch, fireplace is on and a dog is curled up at my feet.  There is a little bit of magic in every season and for me fall and winter are my most inspired times of year.  

This year for the holidays I always make several gifts.  Sometimes I am out of ideas and making something is the one thing that person doesn’t already have – and with that the Linda’s Lap Blanket was born.  The Linda of whom I am referring is my Aunt Linda.  I am finally getting to an age where I no longer need “stuff”.  (As long as my yarn supply never runs out I set for life.)  When you get to be my Aunt’s age you “need” even less.  And although I am sure she doesn’t “need” a lap blanket I decided to make her one anyway because when she uses it she will think of me.  When there is distance between family members that is so important.

The greatest thing about this blanket is that it is SO simple.  If you are new to crochet and only know how to do the basics you are set!  This pattern doesn’t require maintaining a specific gauge so it is all up to you:

If you have a favorite yarn in mind for this project – DONE!

If you prefer using a larger size hook for your projects – DONE!

If you want something larger than a lap blanket – DONE!

Again, it is completely up to you.  So I will tell you what I used and then you can collect your supplies to get started.

Size I Crochet Hook (5.5 mm)

1,500 yds of worsted weight yarn (I used 3 Caron Cakes Yarn in color Buttercream)

Abbreviations used in this pattern:

SC = single crochet

Sk st = skip 1 stitch

Ch = chain

Ch sp = chain space

STS = stitches

ST = stitch

 Ch 176* with your yarn

(*Please note: You can choose any number of stitches to start your blanket just make sure you use an even number.  If you use a chunky yarn and a larger hook your 176 sts will be wider than my 176 sts with worsted weight yarn using a 5.5 mm hook.  Sometimes taking the measurement of a blanket you own that is comfortable to you is the perfect way to know the size you really want).

Row 1 Sc in 2nd st from hook, *ch 1, sk ch, sc in next ch. Repeat from * across. Sc in last stitch of row.

Row 2 Sc in in 1st sc, *ch 1, sk st, sc in ch sp below. Repeat from * across. Sc in last stitch of row.

Repeat row 2 until your blanket is the desired length you want. I worked all three Caron Cakes in their entirety and that worked for me.  (You are simply making single crochet stitches in the chain spaces below across the row.)

Close up of the moss stitch blanket
Close up of the Moss Stitch (a.k.a. seed stitch or granite stitch)

THAT’S IT!  Didn’t I tell you it was easy?   And so pretty when it is done.  This stitch is called the Moss Stitch (a.k.a. Seed Stitch OR Granite Stitch).  It is a stitch you will need to know as I have used it in so many projects and its popularity is obvious by the clean lines and the simplicity.

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